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About Me

Typically, new music artist look to gaining notoriety by releasing music to the world through social media. Baby Don was able to couple this with school tours and regional festivals and concerts to make a name for herself.

Her love of hip hop began at an early age. Having been inspired by the golden era of music, she found her lyrical stride through artists popular in the early 2000’s. Baby Don was able to perfect her rhyming skills, merge it with the current rap climate and come out on the other end as a well-rounded musician.

In addition to her passion for the history of rap, she is also a graduate of the Governor’s School of the Arts in Norfolk, VA. It is because of this classical instruction and music theory training that she is able to bridge the two disciplines into one unique sound.

Baby Don started performing locally at 11 years old at the local Jubilees and 4th of July concerts in Chesapeake and Va Beach. At 15 she was selected to perform at Shaggfest as the youngest solo act to perform at this venue. In 2018, Baby Don opened for Pharrell Williams at the Shaggfest music festival. This gained her notoriety that opened doors for her to become an Ambassador for the Stand4Kind nonprofit and allowed to take her music on school tours for the next two years in the Dallas Metro area and promote anti-bullying to teens.

2019 was a milestone year for Baby Don. In addition to her school tour she turned 18, and really found her true voice and aspirations as an artist. During her hiatus in the spring, she went through her name change from Chloe Royale and cemented her unique style as an artist.

E-mail: joanncarp02@gmail.com

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